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I need to communicate with an expert in package shipping to Australia. I have an uncle who is originally from New Jersey and who now lives in Perth, Australia. Well, to make a long story short, when he moved there some years ago, he had no idea he could not get this certain kind of candy that what now seems to be made only here in New Jersey. So every so often I will buy a few boxes of this candy and send it to him. The problem is that the package is nearly always damaged enroute and I want to put a stop to that so he can enjoy it. I need to know what kind of packaging that I should use to achieve this task. Is there a type of padding I should wrap the items in before I box them? The candy holds up fairly well in varying temperatures so I do not require temperature control. I just need to be able to package it sturdy enough so it arrives as intact. I do appreciate your replies and please include some sort of cost estimate with your information. Thanks again for your help.